About us


FAINCA HR S.L. it is a company dedicated to the manufacture of catering equipment. From our beginnings in 2002, we have been aimed at getting the highest quality and design in our products to offer to our customers with complete assurance. That we have also moved quality to our services, which are closely linked to our relationship with the customer.

Beyond the quality, which have sought from FAINCA HR is to convey the “know how” to clients and professionals, based on the people who make the existence of the company. Thanks to all who have accompanied us and still accompany us, FAINCA HR is a leader in the hospitality sector, of refencia for other companies in our sector. In our company, we are aware of the needs of consumers in choosing the appropriate products.

Therefore, our research department works closely with counterparts in product development and design, resulting in highly developed products and with an appropriate aesthetic for each room. Easy to use and maintain, our products are in charge of the hard work for you. Precision in the manufacture of all our products. Using the best tools on the market.

HR FAINCA, young and determined to succeed.