Due to globalization, technological advances and strong market competition, FAINCA HR gives the utmost importance to participating in International Fairs, as a marketing action with a strong and rapid impact.

FAINCA HR, in the process of international expansion, wants to take advantage of the great showcase that this type of events supposes so that the client can approach and know our products, that can touch them, check the qualities and receive detailed information from our technical department and commercial.

Likewise, FAINCA HR, feeds on suggestions, opinions or recommendations made by visitors to improve our products, while observing the trends of the sector that can be seen in major international fairs. In this way we ensure that the HR product always has a modern design, avant-garde components and a finishing in line with what the market demands.

In this section you can find information about the international fairs in which FAINCA HR has participated as an exhibitor, as well as information about upcoming events where you can find us. We are looking forward to your visit!